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I’m really not all that sure that he was telling the truth though he did seem worried Anal Sex Pretty Face.
Please Master Jake, please let me accompany you
DEBT4K - In the Dress Shop Fragrant Pigtail Girl Morita Kurumi Fuck With Kids Husband is Pounding Awesome 1

Handsome DEBT4K – In the Dress Shop Fragrant Pigtail Girl Morita Kurumi Fuck With Kids Husband is Pounding Awesome

Not able to ignore her pussy any longer, Steffi reached into her bottom desk drawer and pulled out a large black strap on dildo and handed it back to Shelly while both women stopped what they were doing and quickly stripped off all their clothing, Steffi Lange swep into her office with a grim look on her face while her executive assistant, Shelly Engel, rolled her eyes and thought to herself, “Oh shit, it's gonna be one of those days!!!” After pouring a fresh cup of coffee, she knocked on Steffi's door and entered he boss's office….

DEBT4K - In the Dress Shop Fragrant Pigtail Girl Morita Kurumi Fuck With Kids Husband is Pounding Awesome 2

Peituda DEBT4K – In the Dress Shop Fragrant Pigtail Girl Morita Kurumi Fuck With Kids Husband is Pounding Awesome Woman

Then I would tear off your clothes
Stranger: Then whatt?
Stranger: 😉
You: I'd suck on your tittes and nibble on your hard little nipples
Stranger: Then whaatt
You: I'd keep biting ur tits while shoving two fingers in your pussy and violently finger fucking you
Stranger: How hard would you bite my tits?
You: fucking hard 😉
Stranger: Mmmmmm(; keep gooiingggg
You: you take over babe
Stranger: Mmmmmm ok, I would kiss you hard as I sit in ur lap
Stranger: Id wrap my legs around your waist
You: mmhhmm
Stranger: After a few minutes of that, I kiss down to your neck and bite and suck on t
You: how hard?
Stranger: As hard as you like(;
You: mmmmm I like it fucking rough
Stranger: Then there's your answer(;
Stranger: Now where was I?
You: Biting my neck and suckin it
Stranger: Then I would lick lightly down to your nipples and suck and bite on them
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd ask you to lie down
Stranger: And I'd kiss down to your dick
You: ohhh
Stranger: And I'd lick and suck for a long time
You: ohhh yeah don't fucking stop
Stranger: Then I'd lick up to your face and make out with you while I'm back in your lap
You: yeah bitch keep going
Stranger: Thn I'd lay down and pul you on top of me
Stranger: Without breaking the kiss
You: ur a good little slut
Stranger: (; you can take over for a bit
You: nah ur doing pretty good
Stranger: So were you, I just did a lot
You: I'd instantly shove my cock all the way in ur pussy and begin violently thrusting while biting and twisting ur cute little niplles
Stranger: Mmmmmmm
You: Your screams of pain and pleasure only make me fuck you harder
Stranger: Doontt stopp
You: I pull out and flip over and slam into ur tight ass and put 3 fingers in ur pussy
Stranger: Mmmmmmmmmmmm baaabyyy
You: take over
Stranger: After you were done, I'd flip you back over and lay on top of you and hump the shit outta you
You: mmmm
Stranger: While making out at the same tume
Stranger: Then I'd move my hand down to your penis and roughly slide my hand up and down until your screaming for more
You: keep going bitch
Stranger: 😉 then id move my hand up more and suck on the tip while still moving my hand up and down
You: ohhh ur a good little bitch, call me daddy
Stranger: Ok daddy(; then I'd move back up to your face and kiss you, then I'd shove my rouge down your throat as deep as I could
You: ughhh yes, I am leaking cum you fucking whore
Stranger: (; then I'd cuff you and push you onto my bed
You: mmm i like where this is going
Stranger: Then I'd jump ontop of you hard and hump the shit out of youu
You: ohh fuck yes
Stranger: Then I'd pull your pants off nd start biting everything
You: ohh yes
Stranger: Then id start licking your balls and sucking
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd put your penis into my cleavage and squeeze my breasts together and not stop until you've cummed all down my cheat
Stranger: *chest
You: ohh fuck yes don't stop
Stranger: Then Id rip your shirt off and suck your nipples hard
You: ohhhhh yes
Stranger: Then I'd start biting again
You: Bite me slut bite me
Stranger: Then I'd bite your neck
You: mmmm
Stranger: Thenn I'd bite your penis until your begging me to stop
You: that's my dirty fucking bitch
Stranger: You go(;
Stranger: Feel free to do more to my tits btw(:
Stranger: *;)
You: I bite right down on your clit while I grab your nipples and start twisting them
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Stranger: Oooohhh pappiii don't stooppp
You: I keep going until till im about to cum then I shove all 8 inches down your whore throat
Stranger: Mmmmmmmm don't fuckiinggg stoopppp
You: i'd shoot my load down your throat until you gag begging me to pull my cock out, Click here. Pull your penis soo harddd
Stranger: V*pulling pn
You: mmm
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Stranger: And sit on your lap
You: mmmm
Stranger: Then I'd wrap my legs around your waste and give you a lap dance
You: ughhh yes
Stranger: While shaking my naked tits right in front of you
Stranger: Allowing you to do anything you want

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