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My wife is a stay at home mom who looks after my daughter Sammy, she usually has her friends over who also have children of there owns and they arrange play dates at each others house though it's usually always over mine as I have the biggest house, it was a Monday and work was more stressful then usually as I had to take some photos of this rich family who didn't like any of the ones I did and kept arguing with me that I was the worst photographer ever, after hours of taking photos they finally agreed on some of the photos that I took though all the other photos that I took were pretty similar but what can you do eh? Rich people .

Sammy was moaning and wriggling about on the bed and my wife Amy making slurping noises and she was enjoying it, well they both were, I tried to speak but all that came out was a slight mumble which was enough to make Amy take her face out of my daughters pussy and look at me, my head started to spin and I started to feel faint, “I can explain, it's not as bad as you think” cried Amy, I started to run downstairs to head for the door and as I opened it I heard Sammy say “daddy please come back” I ran for the car started it and went driving, my phone started ringing like crazy I new it was Amy trying to explain, but how can you explain that, I need to get away and get a drink, so I went to this pub run in sweating with a shocked look on my face, I stayed at the pub until I was feeling good enough to go home and confront my wife, driving back intoxicated I managed to get home, I put my key in the door and let a huge sigh, before entering I looked in the living room and saw the clock it was 11pm and there was Sammy watching cartoons on the TV, “Hey sweety, how are you doing” I said softly “fine daddy where did you go” she replied “where is mommy” I said, “she said she went out to the shops” which I new was a lie nothing is open this time, I didn't have the courage to ask what Amy was doing to her so I said “I think you should go to bed as it's late” “ok daddy” she replied

feeling tired and confused my self I head upstairs to my bed got into it and dosed off feeling weak from the booze I nodded right off, then I started to wake up feeling strange, I couldn't open my eyes all I felt was if Amy was back and had my cock in her mouth I was so aroused and tired I didn't stop or open my eyes, then I felt hands on my cock and balls but theses hands were to small to be my wife's I open my eyes as I feared the worse I saw my little daughter Sammy's head with her mouth over cock seeing that I said “Sammy stop what are doing please don't do this” though making no effect to get her off as I was still drunk and very aroused, Sammy then looked at me and started to give me a hand job and whispered to me “don't worry daddy I want this and I enjoy this, mommy likes this as well she loves us that's why she's doing this and that why I'm doing this” then she went back to sucking me off I started to grip the bed covers with my hands and started to slam my head side to side as I cum into her mouth and as I cum Sammy pushes down on my cock as the cum starts to shoot into her mouth she starts to swallow all of it and after I finish she pull her head up and says “you taste better then mommy” she starts to giggle “did you like that daddy” I could say anything I just looked at her and the shame I felt for what just happened for what I just let happen, Sammy then slid of the bed and goes back to her own room, I laid there thinking about what just happened, and to my surprise when I thought about it I started to get hard again and I found that I was touching my self then started to jack off thinking about what just happened as I came for the second time I decided to get some sleep and make sense what I was doing tomorrow and how to tell Amy on what just happened and how she would deal with it and what was coming next
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Sex Hot amateu girl anal bangs in boxing ring (7 min)

What I found really opened my eyes,
Some really hot stuff by girls and by guys,
Wild rides down Fantasy Lane,
Filled with lust, pleasure and pain,
Just when you think it’s about to end,
They’ll take you back and start again, .

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Although Kiya did have sexual adventures planned for them this afternoon, she wanted it to happen because he wanted it to, not because she initiated it, Click here. His dark brown eyes opened wide in surprise, and she watched him look her slowly up and down, knowing that he was remembering the times they had spent together in one another’s bedrooms

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