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Then my fingers settled right on the waistband of those beautiful little panties that I had been admirin’ since I first saw them and traced them around on it from hip to hip . Maybe I can take a rain check on it, you see, I promised my Momma that I would take care of my little cousin tonight and you know that I wouldn’t break my promise to my Momma
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I pulled out quickly landing a stinging slap on her already marked ass,
As I watched, unbeknownst to them, it was obvious the man had pulled his erect cock out of his pants, at which time he grabbed a fistful of the girls long dark hair and forced her to her knees, while shoving his large, hard dick into her mouth roughly, as deep as it was long .

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She started to suck me, she would stop, take it out of her mouth , look at me, jerk it a little bit, lick it and then put it back in her mouth, she was sucking it furiously I just leaned back and let my sister do all the work, I was enjoy it a lot ,I put one hand on the wheelchair and the other on her head, she would take it out and lick it and keep on sucking I could see her looking at me, and play with the head of my dick with her tongue , she would lick the shaft and lick the head then put it back in her mouth , she would jerk it with her hand while it was in her mouth I was loving every second of it, she kept on going faster and faster every time, I held her head and bent forward, she just kept going, It happened I finished in her mouth, she swallowed it all and kept on sucking, I looked down and she looked up, opened her mouth and started to lick my dick clean, she put it again and finished me off, she squeezed , and looked up at me
-wow that was great -I told- her completely satisfied, she kept on stroking my cock and looked up at me once again she put it in her mouth and kept on staring at me, Click here.
I just stood there for a while just looking at her, -what now- I asked?
-Well nothing-she said- just don’t make a big deal out of it-
I agreed, and got dressed, that night we found our self’s on the couch again watching some porn, I got my cock out and started to masturbate, Kim just watched, it felt weird just jerking off and Kim watching me, but after a couple of minutes it didn’t feel weird anymore, as a matter of fact I enjoyed it, once I came I got a rag and cleaned myself up

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