She Metro - Just Great Sex Vol 04 - scene 8 - extract 2 Daddy

She Metro - Just Great Sex Vol 04 - scene 8 - extract 2 Daddy play

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PORN: I pointed them out to Vasko and Donni, I told Maria to pull her dress up so that Vasko and Donni could see her rings, I said that Maria wanted two guys to pull her cunt open with them whilst another one lick her clit. Maria went to get ready at eight fifteen, she had been on edge for ages, ceaselessly looking at the clock, I told her that when Vasko came to pick her up she should tell him that her cunt needed punishing for being naughty, The door bell rang, it was ten minutes past nine, I guessed the guys were trying to get Maria worried, thinking that they weren’t coming, I called to Maria telling them that the guys were there, I told them that she wouldn’t be long

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. My heart beat fast and wild, and my head felt light, but I began forging a path towards the stage and climbed up. Of course I wore nothing else, only the sandals, which I kicked off as well

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She reached down and pulled her labia even wider while I fucked her from below.


David can feel my orgasm and cums too. I reached my hand round to his face and stroked it to wake him up a little Read more. I was crowned me the winner and carried each other back to our room, falling and laughing about how we had been kicked out of the bar for lowering the tone of the hotel bar after I was dared to give David a lap dance
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Metro - Just Great Sex Vol 04 - scene 8 - extract 2