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After John was done cumming she sucked out the rest and the excess on his cock then backed up and looked up and smiled at him "Did you enjoy that?" she asked. Melissa worked her mouth like a pro around John's cock making sure it was wet and moist
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. She then kissed his neck, then his chest, and finally she dropped to her knees, "Looks like little Johnny needs a kiss too.
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. “Just from time to time” he looked back at her, eyes pleading for her to leave it at that. “Should I get dressed now?” “Yes, go ahead

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The doctor didn’t feel anything irregular and other than a slight leftward lean, his fully-erect member seemed perfectly normal, except that it protruded almost three inches from her small fist; he had to be seven or eight inches long and big enough around that the tip of her thumb barely touched her middle finger as it wrapped around his girth. The door opened and Gaynor was there to greet me with a long distant kiss and a sarcastic hello (heh everyone look at me look) are you all right Mac she enquired,fine thanks I replied, she beckoned a rather dishy waitress to take down to the Cellar and I duly followed behind her. I found it interesting that she never brought her freind to any of our Singles club outings,and as the organiser I got to see many of our members partners,but never Gaynors Go to page.
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I have a 24 inch shovel handle that I varnished, I broke my ass with that bitch, it makes me grunt so hard, my little dickie leaks.
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